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Terms and conditions

1. Contact Details
Our mailing address is:
PO Box HP346, Leeds LS6 1UL, United Kingdom

2. Direct payments
Online payments are only accepted using PayPal. Such transactions will indicate
payments to "Modus Operandi". We do not accept cash. We can accept credit and
debit card payments using PayPal.

3. Age limitations
We cannot accept orders from anyone less than 18 years old. You will be asked to
confirm this when placing orders.

4. Liability
We do not accept liability for any errors or omissions on this website and/or in other marketing materials. We reserve the right to change information, prices and descriptions of listed goods, products and services at any time. We cannot be responsible for the content of any other websites or publications. We strive to correct errors and omissions as quickly as possible after we become aware of them.

5. Delivery
Delivery times are always approximate. Goods will only be sent to the delivery address(es) you provide. This will be in the order confirmation. Orders may be fulfilled in more than one delivery. Deliveries to addresses outside the UK may attract additional taxes or duties - for which you are liable and which must be paid by you directly to the appropriate authorities. We cannot accept any responsibilities for such charges. All questions regarding such charges should be addressed to appropriate national, regional or local customs and taxation authorities.

International deliveries may be opened by customs for inspection. We cannot accept any responsibilities for any loss. In placing international orders, customers accept responsibility for any risks of seizure. If any delivery is seized, no refunds will be payable and we accept no liability for replacing the order in whole or in part. We can accept no responsibility for delivery delays outside our control.

6. Validity
These terms and conditions supersede any and all other conditions, commitments, agreements and are subject to UK laws and jurisdiction.

7. Returns
Please contact the Orders Department by e-mail at orders @emoherotica.com to arrange authorisation for any returns. Please tell us your reason for wanting to return the item(s), so that we can process the request promptly. We will then contact you with return arrangements. We only accept returns of books that have not been opened. We will only reimburse postage if a title has been sent to you in error.

8. Shipping
We ship books using the UK Royal Mail standard delivery service. We do not use courier services. Orders valued at more than £50.00 are sent using recorded mail - requiring a signature at the time of delivery. If no one is available to sign for a delivery, the item should be returned to the appropriate UK sorting office for collection. The Post Office usually allows 18 days before uncollected items are returned to sender. No refunds will be payable for items returned in these circumstances.

9. Discretion
Our packaging is plain and will only include an unnamed return address and, where appropriate, a customs declaration form stating "books".

Please also refer to our privacy policy.

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