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Our authors

Tom Henderson

‘Master’ is a wonderfully ambiguous term: a teacher in a boarding school, a man with postgraduate degree, a man experienced in his craft, the One whom a slave strives to serve more perfectly. Tom Henderson is - or has been - each of these. He is an internationally-known member of the BDSM community. His writing draws heavily on real-life experience and so his stories carry more than a kernel of truth in them. He currently lives quietly in a small city in the American Midwest.

Christopher Charlton

Christopher Charlton is in his 50s and has been interested in power relationships and SM for more than 35 years. He is a professional writer and journalist, covering health, including HIV, and the media.

He takes his play and relationships seriously, being a long-standing member of two of the leading SM clubs in the US. He read psychology at university in England.

Taking inspiration from leading writers such as John Preston, Race Bannon, Joseph Bean and Guy Baldwin, Chris looks for the beautiful, the positive and the inspirational in the honesty that allows people to appreciate the power dynamics of dominance and willing submission.

His interests include many aspects of physical SM, the exploration of the body and its responses. He is also intrigued by the ways in which finding and being open about the power dynamics between people can keep the most intimate relationships alive and exciting.

This Discovery series of novellas explore domestic power relationships and the minds of those attracted to them.

The Key to Life is believed to be the first comprehensive look at the pyschology behind chastity as well as providing a practical guide to choosing devices and dealing with the everyday mental and physical challenges of being locked.

You can write to Chris at chrschrltn@gmail.com.